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ALIPAC Press Release Angers Dream Amnesty Sponsor

in Political & Legal Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:25 am
by samD | 534 Posts

Posted on Tuesday, December 21 @ 11:50:00 EST
Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
For National Release

December 21, 2010

CONTACT: Americans For Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(866) 703-0864

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is releasing a statement today rebutting Senator Dick Durbin's (D-IL) attacks on the group's statements that helped defeat the Dream Act Amnesty cloture vote this past Saturday December 18, 2010, which marks the legislation's seventh defeat in Washington.

Senator Durbin scrambled to save the bill from ALIPAC's accusation that the waiver provision found on page 5, line 21, would allow the Obama administration to bypass most of the requirements in the bill and give amnesty to most illegal aliens in America including terrorists and criminals.

In a desperate effort to save the bill from ALIPAC's revelations about the waiver, Senator Durbin claimed on the Senate floor that, "During the course of preparing for this, one Senator received a notice that said that the DREAM Act allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to waive all grounds of inadmissibility for illegal aliens including criminals, terrorists, and certain gang members. We had my staff call the Senator's office who put this out and ask: Where did you get that? That is not what it says. They couldn't point to any source."

He continues, "We then called the Department of Homeland Security and said: "All right, give us an answer. Under the DREAM Act, could you waive all these things, would terrorists and criminals have a right? Of course not. The Department of Homeland Security came back and said: No, that isn't what the law says at all. So we are battling not only passing a bill but a lot of misinformation. That is troublesome."

The source of this bill stopping information is no mystery. The source is the text of the legislation itself and the national press release put out by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC at 9:00 am on the same day of Durbin's comments titled 'Dream Amnesty Allows Obama To Grant Amnesty To All Illegals'

Senator Durbin is likely aware of the source of his concerns about the waiver provision because some of his staff members subscribe to ALIPAC's email alerts and updates!

All US Senate offices were flooded with copies of this press release including calls from thousands of activists.

"Senator Durbin's attempt to use Homeland Security, which under Napolitano is one of the most aggressive promoters of Amnesty for illegal immigrants, is absurd," said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. "All we did is draw lawmakers attention to page 5 line 21 of HR 5281 where it clearly states that Homeland Security can waive all of the other requirements in the bill and apply this legislation as mass amnesty for most of the illegal aliens in America!"
ALIPAC, which has played a key role in defeating the Dream Act Amnesty seven times following this recent vote, stands by the decision to release the waiver information as a method to stop HR 5281. If more elected officials actually read the bills they were voting on, such efforts would not be needed.

Close inspection of HR 5281, which was defeated in the Senate by a narrow margin, finds a blanket waiver provision on page 5 line 21 Sec. 6 (a)(2). Immediately following all of the promises in the bill that only illegal aliens who claim they are under 30, claim they have been in the US 5 years, and claim they were brought here by others when they were under 16, and claim they are going to college or into the military, the waiver allows all of these considerations to be dropped.

"(2) WAIVER.—With respect to any benefit under this section and sections...the Secretary of Homeland Security may waive the... ground of inadmissibility ...and the ground of deportability... for humanitarian purposes or family unity or when it is otherwise in the public interest."

"We are glad that our organization's decision to focus on this dirty trick waiver buried in the bill upset Senator Durbin so much," said William Gheen. "Next time we want him to cite the obvious source of his problem. We are Americans of every race, party, and walk of life who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty. We are Americans for Legal Immigration PAC!"

For more information about ALIPAC, the tricky waiver buried in the Dream Amnesty bill, interviews, or how citizens can get involved in stopping and reversing illegal immigration in America, please visit

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