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Whole bunch of stuff..

in Off Topic Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:03 am
by greg az | 12 Posts

Got a kick out of the "chat box" thread... You guys know me so well.. Sure enough i went back and read everyone of the damn things.. Couple of comments on the comments (huh?)

Sam: Got your "shouldn't take 3 days" hang'n.. That was a joke "lop" .. Actually i really have been fighting a lot of issues, from Bro, to the week were down here house sitting that were doing now.. For what it's worth, my 3 day thing was a joke, not serious.. It took me a couple of times trying to get the chat box thing working right, but smooth now.. and don't know if you guys caught any comments, but our little home feels pretty comfortable.. Think Samp, and co, have done an outstanding job..

On my "feelings" (don't sing it lyle, please don't) for you guys.. You nailed it.. I noticed a general agreement that there wasn't going to be anyway that old greg would go back to GS, and of course you guys are right.... NO WAY.. Matter of fact the last post or comment was 4 days ago to Sam.. Nope.. Matter of fact it really pleased me to see the crew who came over..

With out being egotistical.. Guys the group that came over from GS is the core group that made the old place fun.. I have a strong feeling that were going to love it here.. It might take me awhile to be on any length of time, as we are down here doing the house sitting and our normal easy routine is all messed up.. Sheesh i even have to get up early..

So again as goofy as i might be, my loyalties are to you lops.. period.. Couple of quick updates... Gary is now out of the hospital.. they think they have it diagnosed.. TMC is the cream of the crop when it comes to this sort of thing..and he's doing well.. My PSA has dropped again.. So far no boobies, but i find myself all excited about clipping coupons..

Ok my friends that ends the wed night update.. will try to get on earlier tomorrow.. Remember Chaplain gregs office door is always open.. Thats primarily cause one of you sombitches stole it.. but still love ya like brothers.. later..

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RE: Whole bunch of stuff..

in Off Topic Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:23 am
by Larry W | 158 Posts

Yea we stole it!!! Cause you kept hiding behind the locked thing to cuddle with your warm Blankie & snore!!! LMAO


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RE: Whole bunch of stuff..

in Off Topic Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:29 am
by HampsterW | 461 Posts

What the fuck do you think we used to make the coffee table and bar in Larry's lounge?
Damn glad things are going better for you and Gary, this is all stuff that you could do without.

Change that you can truly believe in comes from the barrel of a gun!..........Greg AZ........Check! Check! Check!

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RE: Whole bunch of stuff..

in Off Topic Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:48 am
by HKBauer | 128 Posts

The door is out for umm refinishing ahh yea refinishing! Thats it!

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RE: Whole bunch of stuff..

in Off Topic Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:51 pm
by Schuyler | 4 Posts

Glad to hear it. I was worried.

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