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Compliance (922R) EVIL parts rule

in AK-47 Forum Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:50 am
by Nitris | 94 Posts

A stamped receiver AK usually has the following parts :

1. Muzzle device
2. Barrel
3. Gas piston
4. Handguards
5. Trunion (this is the front trunion, the rear trunion does not count)
6. Bolt carrier
7. Bolt
8. Receiver
9. Pistol grip
10. Buttstock
11. Hammer
12. Sear
13. Trigger
14. Magazine body
15. Mag. Floorplate
16. Mag. follower

That makes 16 EVIL parts so you have to replace or get rid of 6 of these. The law against EVIL ensures that no foriegn (read:EVIL ) firearm may have more than TEN EVIL parts. We do not get to decide what parts are EVIL. That is the job of our omniscient goobermint. So, when referring to AK designs, refer to the above list. Replace parts on your rifle (or shotgun) so as to ensure that no more than TEN of the above listed EVIL parts remain on the finished product.

Other types of arms have additional parts to the above list. (ie-FNFAL as an example)

In the case of a milled receiver (among these, a Galil, for example) the front trunnion is integral with the receiver. In this case, a rifle built on one of these would then only need FIVE US parts in addition**

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