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Old Fashoned Defense Load for 38 Special.

in Reloading Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:57 am
by Larry W | 158 Posts

Years ago, I would say late 60's or early 70's I was told about a "home cooked" defense load by a couple of old shooters, reloaders, wildcatters. Recently , I heard of it again, so here it is.

This load for 38 Special, & involves loading a hollow base lead wadcutter upside down, where the hollow base is facing outward. The old guys that first told me about it said that this was an "absolutely devastating" close range load. (I tend to believe them)
I have no info on bullet weight, I would imagine 158 gr, Nor do I have any info on, powder, powder charge, pressure's, or accuracy. I also tend to believe there words "close range load"

Anyway, another piece of info for you fellow gun nuts. If anyone has any information on this load, has used this load, or tries this load, please let me know>> Take Care & Be Safe.. Larry


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RE: Old Fashoned Defense Load for 38 Special.

in Reloading Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:41 pm
by runawaygun762 | 48 Posts

This is a load that was probably developed before civil liability was a concern. Being a lead wadcutter, expansion would be very quick, as there's no copper jacket to try and rupture, just soft lead. I have heard of a similar load for the .44 mag using light (170 gr) bullets with a very deep cavity running almost all the way to the base of the bullet.

I don't know what powder type or charge you'd use for this, but it wouldn't have to be a heavy charge at all, as this would probably over expand and not penetrate very deeply if you loaded it hot.

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RE: Old Fashoned Defense Load for 38 Special.

in Reloading Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:53 pm
by Larry W | 158 Posts

I don't remember what powder & weight the old wildcatters were using that I talked to years ago,
But they all agreed that this was an absolutely devastating close range defense load for the 38 spec. & I tend to believe them, given of course what you said about driving it to fast, I agree it would probably over expand very quickly & most likely not be very stable at all.


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