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Have I Been a Raving Lunatic Paranoid??

in Political & Legal Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:36 am
by LLE | 101 Posts

---or are they really out to get us?? Many moons ago, on the other site, after the NKs tried a couple of nuke tests, I implied that they were probably not just testing for their own sake..........Duh. Intelligence reports now seem to confirm this. Not that I am the brightest bulb around, but I think they ARE truly out to get us, and their prime customers are Iran and their Islamo-terrorist fellow travellers. Iran has some real problems with their basic nuke weapons development, and are seeking help from the cash-strapped NKs, even to the point of contracting for test site services [both warhead and delivery vehicles]. So, here we are with the threat of world-wide jihad, the Iranian compulsion to become a nuclear power and the leader of the world-wide jihad, while the NK's are sitting backand smiling because they now have a really good cash cow by the short hairs. It looks like the NKs are going to let the jihadists do all the dirty work and keep stirring the international pot, while NK rakes in the money and builds what they hope will be a major military force with which to threaten the world--especially the USA, to wring major continuous concessions from us. We had better become a lot smarter about this dangerously quick developing interrelationship, and I think a significant intervention might unfortunately be necessary. I wonder if, in addition to holding our debt, Red China might help save our a$$ in this mess. Time is of the essence!!

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RE: Have I Been a Raving Lunatic Paranoid??

in Political & Legal Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:26 pm
by HampsterW | 461 Posts

I agree 100% LLE, the first step in this whole mess is to get Obama the fuck out of office and somebody in who will take appropriate measures. You can bet that China is is keeping a watchful eye on NK and if the SHTF they may well be our best friend. My brother in law holds a fairly high position in the Chinese government and these are the things I hear from Beijing through my wife.

Change that you can truly believe in comes from the barrel of a gun!..........Greg AZ........Check! Check! Check!

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RE: Have I Been a Raving Lunatic Paranoid??

in Political & Legal Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:19 am
by Larry W | 158 Posts

Unfortunately , I have to agree with both LLE & Hamp, This has the very real potential, & probability of being the very stuff our worst nightmares are made of. Just makes me wonder what some presidents of the past would do.
(the ones that actually had a set of balls) For better or worse, Kennedy & the Cuban mess. I had an uncle who was on a ship in the blockade, & a neighbor who was in the Air force, they both told the same story. When JFK told Castro & the Russians to look at there radars & said "see those blip's? there my bombers, & 2 are nuclear, stop it & remove everything or Cuba will disappear!!" Basically, Hey Russia, wanna play, we have had enough!!! Those were the days we need right now, instead of, hey all you terrorist & mad men, do what you want to us, Kill us at will even come here to our soil & kill us. It's cool, do what you want, we respect you, we don't want to hurt your little feelings in any way!!!
Be back later, I have to go puke now!!!!!!!


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RE: Have I Been a Raving Lunatic Paranoid??

in Political & Legal Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:58 pm
by LLE | 101 Posts

Unfortunately---whether Democrat or Republican, or Liberal vs Conservative, we do not have another JFK or Dutch Reagan. We better grow some--and Damned soon!!

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