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in Political & Legal Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:48 am
by HampsterW | 461 Posts

Thanks to ecaman

Change that you can truly believe in comes from the barrel of a gun!..........Greg AZ........Check! Check! Check!

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in Political & Legal Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:01 pm
by LLE | 101 Posts

It was and still is a valid question----My version of the question is to Muslim citizens of the USA :" Have you, or will you now publicly condemn worldwide jihad?" I believe it is of a much broader and critical importance to us all, than asking [only] about Hamas, Fatah, Hizbollah or any of the other Islamo-extremist organizations. I can certainly understand Horowitz's focus being on the continued existence of Israel--but we need to be concerned with the existence of the rest of the non-Islamic world, also, given the goal of worldwide jihad; if you do not understand how it works---history shows us: Step 1, you erradicate the Jews, then, Step 2, you go after any worldwide Christian groups who are giving you trouble since their population is very large and potentially dangerous; and then everyone else will cave in.
I would remind the Islamo-terrorists that history demonstrates Step 1, to have been very difficult---actually never possible up to the present [ just ask Haman and Hitler, among others].. While the stereotypes of Jews include chutzpah to the point of arrogance, I love their perspective when beginning the celebration of a Holiday---"They tried to kill us--they failed--Let's eat!"

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