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F. Lee Bailey: OJ Simpson truly is innocent--

in Political & Legal Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:24 pm
by LLE | 101 Posts

of the murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman.. Although his explanation sounds strange, he claims that some critical exculpatory evidence was never introduced on the stand, because the OJ legal team was afraid [after 8 months of trial time and several jurors being removed], that they would lose more jurors and risk a mistrial after being so close to obtaining a favorable verdict. I do not pretend to understand this logic, in the face of the [supposed] critical testimony that one [neighborhood?] witness could have given had he taken the stand. This person [allegedly] witnessed a confrontation [night of the murders?] between a woman he recognized as Nicole Brown Simpson and two people, neither of whom was OJ. The next day, this witness allegedly taped a description of what he saw, and then followed this with a written statement. WHERE is this evidence? Who knows? Also three other forensic experts--especially experts in blood spatter and battered women, allegedly had potentially critical testimony to contribute. I have not been able to find F. Lee Bailey's website which is said to contain a 20,000 word exposition of his views. But it escapes me as to how this "evidence" never came to light in the Goldman family civil suit against OJ.
Perhaps it is just that Mr. Bailey needs some good publicity, so that he can sell a great movie script story........................

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RE: F. Lee Bailey: OJ Simpson truly is innocent--

in Political & Legal Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:14 am
by LLE | 101 Posts

Thanks to samD for finding the Bailey paper for me. After reading all 45 pages, I can tell you that it is fascinating--only if you are/were interested in the case. The neighborhood "witness"story, if true, would certainly help to change opinions about OJ's guilt. Bailey, did not answer the question as to why this information was not made available to OJ's lawyer, during the Goldman family civil suit. Had this been done, and had the Judge allowed the information into testimony, the civil suit outcome might have been a lot different.

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