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A Job I usta Could Do...

in Off Topic Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:13 am
by Greasy Paws | 111 Posts


Aerotek is recruiting mechanics to work at Ft. Lewis. If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Bobby Benes (contact info is at the bottom of the announcement below).

Below is the Job Description, Pay, Hours:

This is an Open-ended contract (most likely 3-6 months)

1st month on Ft. Lewis—Then traveling down to San Diego to complete project.

Flight and Per Diem will be paid to contractors.

Successful Candidate Profile

Maintenance Mechanic


· Conducts retrofit of vehicles in Ft. Lewis

· Process change orders and installation of Government furnished equipment.

· Examines vehicle and discusses with Technical Supervisor requirements to install retrofits and government furnished equipment.

· Plans work procedure.

· Performs retrofits related to engineer work orders and installation of government furnished equipment.

· Raises vehicle, with hydraulic jack or hoist, to gain access to mechanical units bolted to underside of vehicle.

· Removes units such as engine, transmission, or differential.

· Installs Slat Armor as required.

Preferred Qualification

□ Military school trained wheel vehicle mechanic (such as US Army MOSs 63B, 63S, 63W or 63B MCM or USMC MOSs 2147, 3521, 3522, 3524) preferred. Experience on LAV 2.5 or LAV III desirable.

□ Documented work history for use in Credential Check (phone numbers of references)

□ Two (2) to 5 years of experience. Equivalent military service acceptable.

□ High School Diploma or GED

Required Experience

□ 2-5 years experience (read and interprets troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures and flow diagrams for systems, subsystems and components.)

□ Potential for exposure to temperature extremes in performance of duties.

□ Occasional work in confined space within vehicle interior.

Pay and Hours

□ $19/hr

□ Most likely 6 days a week/ 10 hours per day.

When located in San Diego. Traveling contractors will be given Per Diem.

Bobby Benes
Account Recruiting Manager
Aerotek Inc.

This is a job I would have applied for before my body went to shit.I have done this kind of work for a number of years and really do miss it! I start college on Monday so off on a new adventure for me.If anyone is interested in the contact info on this let me know.

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