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American Border Patrol Silenced

in The Daily Diatribe Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:25 pm
by samD | 534 Posts

American Border Patrol Silenced
Arizonans Deprived of the Truth American Patrol Report -- March 17

What the SPLC didn't want Arizonans to see. Three USBP in 44 miles -- plus, one armed camp in Mexico.
In a stunning move late Wednesday, Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen's office informed Glenn Spencer, head of American Border Patrol, a non-profit watchdog group, that her invitation to him to appear before her committee on the border had been withdrawn.
According to the spokesperson, Allen had yielded to political pressure from members of the committee and others to disinvite him. The spokesperson said Sen. Allen might reschedule the appearance for a later date.
According to the Arizona Republic, pressure to silence Spencer came partly from the Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union.
Spencer said he was stunned by this development. "I was prepared to present vital information to Sen. Allen's committee that affects the security of the people of Arizona and now they will be deprived of these important facts," Spencer said.

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The Socialists told us long ago that since they could not beat us with force, that they would destroy us slowly from within. So far it is working pretty well. MOLON LABE

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